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Still don’t know.

The role of your life… You have to accept it and to love playing it if you want to succeed.
I don’t believe in myself because my words aren’t telling the truth.

I think I have to learn to go away when it’s time.
I can’t feel sorry for myself and expect compassion.
I have to keep a distance between me and him when I feel it’s a right choice.

Time will come when I have to let him go. I believe I’ll survive, but I do love him.
The words sound so adolescent…

Time comes when you feel you can’t do anything and you have to find strenght to be… to be right.
When all you need is love, care and attention from your lover.

I have a headache, I have to learn 10 English questions by heart, I’m ill and I feel so… female with a changeable mood and fits of jealousy. I still don’t know what I’m writing about and what should I do after I finish this.

It’s not a fall depression.

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